What You Get When You Work With Me…


I’m a GDC award-nominated game writer with more than a dozen game titles under my belt and over a decade of experience telling stories in multiple mediums (video games, print, live action film, and animation). I’ve provided writing support to studios and publishers, both as an external contractor and in-house writer. I’ve worked on open world games, linear games, and MMOs. And the projects I’ve worked on have included some of the biggest licensed IP’s — DC, Tolkien, Tom Clancy — as well as original properties.

We work in an industry loaded with creative people with great ideas. And we all live in a world crammed with great story content on dozens of platforms. Your team (and your audience) has a stronger intuitive sense of story than ever before. My job is to use my skills and expertise to help develop your team’s ideas into the story you want to tell and then bring it to life. I think the process works best when it welcomes ideas and encourages team investment and ownership across the disciplines.

Game stories break. Cuts, approvals, feedback from marketing… things can change fast in game development. And when you’re relying on a story that’s been put together intuitively without a solid dramatic premise and framework, you’re in danger of having a fire to put out with no plan to do it. Too often that means shipping with a story that doesn’t hold up. You need someone who understands story structure and can build modularity into your story so that when it DOES break, there’s be a framework and skill set available to fix your story, keeping it cohesive and organic.

I’m a big advocate of demystifying storytelling. Developing a strong narrative is a craft, and just like the other disciplines on your team, it benefits from a series of best practices. Developing a story that’s engaging, that’s organic to your design pillars and themes, isn’t magic or mysterious. It’s a process that I believe in clarifying and articulating to encourage collaboration and broad ownership.